Explore Shonai with Us

From hiking through temple-dotted mountains to watching an enchanting maiko dance performance, Shonai has something for everyone. Spend a day getting close to the natural and cultural beauty of the region.

All tours include round-trip transportation from your hotel, lunch (if requested), and an English-speaking guide who will share a bit about the history of Shonai with you.

Tours can be customized to your interests, and we look forward to taking you on your personalized story through Shonai.

Please inquire about dates, itinerary, and price through our contact form.

Haguro Tour

  • Hotel pickup

  • Arrive at Ideha

  • 5-story pagoda

  • Mt. Haguro summit       (by car or hike)

  • Soba restaurant

  • Gyokusen-ji Temple

  • Hotel dropoff

Info about Mt. Haguro

Info about Sakata

Sakata Tour

  • Hotel pickup

  • Tama-sudare waterfall

  • Lunch at Kaisen-Ichiba

  • Tour of Somaro

  • Maiko dance at Somaro

  • Hotel dropoff